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Perfect for solo users with multiple clients
$ 9 /month
  • 1 User
  • 5 Projects
  • 1GB Storage
  • 12 Months Data Retention
  • Unlimited Content Planning
  • Content Plan Link Sharing
  • Scheduled Publishing (SOON)
  • Downloadable Reports (SOON)
  • Chat and Email Support
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Perfect for teams who requires close collaboration with clients
$ 39 /month

Includes everything in SOLO plus:

  • 4 MORE Users
  • 20 MORE Projects
  • 4GB MORE Storage
  • 12 MORE Months Data Retention
  • Voice Support
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Users One One Five
Clients Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Projects Two Five Twenty-Five
Month Posts Presentation
Week Posts Presentation
Post Messaging
Team Messaging
Client Collaboration
Activity Feed
Action Based Status Updates
Transfer Ownership
Receive Transfer Ownership
Content Library FREE SOLO TEAM
Attachment Limit 5MB 5MB 5MB
File Storage 1GB 1GB 5GB
Upload from Dropbox
24/7 Email Support
Chat Support
Personalized Training and Onboarding
Voice Support
Dedicated Account Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ContentDash?

Content Dash is a social media management platform. Our platform provides you a centralized tool for content planning and collaboration for all your social profiles.

What's the core benefit I would get in using Content Dash?

Most of all social platforms if not all, assumes that your already have a content that is ready for publishing. However, crafting your content strategy and ideas and getting approvals from your client is a huge struggle. Bouncing emails with your clients for approval takes time and effort and when approved, you'll have to manually post your content to your social media accounts. Content Dash focuses on solving those problems.

Does Content Dash have solutions for Agencies?

Yes! Our team subscription plan is perfect for Social Media Agencies like yours. Content Dash makes content planning for multiple social profiles for multiple clients a breeze.

How about for Freelance, VA or SOLO social media managers and marketers?

Definitely Yes! Our SOLO subscription plan is exactly for you. You can have as much as FIVE projects for different or the same clients at the same time.

How can I use my promo code?

You can use use promo code during registration code. An promo code field is available when signing up. If you already have an account and you wish to apply a valid and active promo code, please feel free to send us an email.

How can I download my invoice?

Please send us an email to request for your invoice at

Can I cancel my subscription?

All accounts are billed annually and paid in advance. Should you wish to cancel your subscription, please send as email to

What if I decide to upgrade my company account to a different plan?

No Problem. You can upgrade your company account from FREE to TEAM or SOLO to TEAM anytime.

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