Clean Off Your Desk Day is about tidying up your desks and getting rid of clutter.

Manic Monday again, right? Depressing for some.

Having a clean and tidy desk can help clear your mind and zone into what you do best, creating content.

Today is about preparing your workspace for the new year and starting your year with a clear mind. That includes your computer's desktop as well. Drag those unnecessary, unused files to the Trash Bin.

You might want to clean up your calendars too, then start planning for contents that will resonate with your audience for this year.

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Since it's #CleanOffYourDeskDay, you may want to create a post for your social media profiles about this holiday. Here are some ideas that you can try out.

1. Post a selfie with your clean desk and post it to your Instagram account.

2. Write a blog post and share some tips on how to organize desks using your product (if applicable).

3. Create a #CleanOffYourDeskDay challenge and have your audience post a photo with your brand logo and a clean desk then share it to the comments on your post. You may want to give them some tokens like shout outs, or best desk awards or something.

Try to be creative with your post, engage with them.

How do you plan to celebrate #CleanOffYourDeskDay today? Or you have some ideas that you want to share for others to try out in their Facebook pages or groups, please do so.

Photo by: unsplash-logoGabriel Beaudry