Black Hat works! Here's how to effectively use it.

But before we go into details, wear your white hat while reading this in celebration of #NationalHatDay.

Here are the 5 Black Hat Ways For Your Brand that will definitely hurt it.

1. Buying followers

When you buy followers, you are only buying numbers, not engagements. If you come to think of it, you are spending time and money to buy low engagement.

Instead, create content that resonates to your audience, genuine, shareable, read-worthy and engaging. This will organically grow your followers.

2. Posting the same message across all social networks

Sharing the exact same content to your Facebook, Twitter, Linked, etc will make you appear lazy, incompetent, and most likely, annoying.

Imagine a person who talks about the exact same thing in every party you meet him/her. Annoying, isn't it? That's exactly how you will sound like.

I'm not saying that you should not be posting the same message across different platforms. You can relay the same message but use the right caption for the right audience. Different social media platforms have different tribes,audiences, and tones. Know what's best for each of them.

For example, when sending the same message to your LinkedIn profile, speak as if you are talking to professionals. Craft your caption that speaks to professionals. When using twitter, shorten your caption that catches genuine attention. In facebook, post an engaging photo or video that resonates to your followers. Spice up your content and employ curiosity.

Understand your audience demographics, moods during those times, their interests and what matters to them.

Yes you'll get followers, see your brand as unauthentic, unfollows you, hates you, and curse you. :)

Seriously, be genuine and authentic.

Imagine if someone shows interest at you, then you reciprocate. Then suddenly, leaves you hanging and unnoticed. Doesn't that suck?

Your audience will know, and it will definitely hurt your brand.

4. Use the following Black Hat tricks

Keyword Stuffing

Add irrelevant keywords and phrases and repeating them multiple times to trick website's site rank.

Your visitors will know. They will see your stupidity. They will get irritated and they immediately close their browser tab in less than a second. Trying to trick search bots? Bots will see the same thing. Bots have feelings too, you know? I'm just kidding.

Using Hidden Text

Here's how you do it:

1. Setting the font-size of the text or links to 0.

2. Using CSS to position your text outside the screen or 10 kilometers away from the monitor.

2. Set the color of the text or links the same as the background.

These are useless efforts. When google catches your site containing these techniques, you'll be penalized and eventually harm your SEO ranking. So, if you are doing this already, continue to do so to hurt your brand.


It's when websites return a different content to search engine bots that crawls your site from the actual content that your viewers area actually seeing.

Why search engines don't like this? Search results that they deliver will produce or return unrelated content. They will figure it out and will penalize you, big time.

Create content for people to consume and read, not for search engine bots to crawl.

Article Spinning

This is when you jumble the words of your content and spread them to different posts or articles. Search engines will initially see it as a new, fresh content, but, your readers will know. Imagine reading a bunch of gibberish texts that does not make any sense?

You may fool the bots, but your readers won't. Again, do it to hurt your brand.

5. Spamming social networks.

People hates spam, they will curse your brand too.

Genuine and authentic content is king.

Be nice, engaging, respectful, personal and real. Nothing beats an authentic voice.

Instead of spending time employing these black hat techniques, plan and create read-worth contents that matters to people. Use tools like content calendars to plan and strategize in advance.

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Since today is #NationalHatsDay, wear your White Hat and start planning your content that matters.

Are you using these techniques right now? Did you have bad experiences due to doing these techniques? Any piece of advice that you can share to other Digital marketers, Social Media Marketers, Marketers and Writers? Please feel free to share in the comment section below.